Sodium sulphate (Natrum Sulph): This is the substance most involved in cell density and water distribution/elimination, sodium sulphate is a critical part of our liver, kidney and cleansing systems. While digestive symptoms are its forté, sodium sulphate’s cell salt, Nat sulph, has many useful respiratory, pain and mental/emotional applications. Many famous Spa’s owe much of their reputation to this remedy’s source, sodium sulphate.

For digestion, Nat sulph helps many symptoms that are beyond Nat phos’ acidity help. This includes bilious conditions with nausea, sick headache, colic, indigestion, diarrhea and a brownish coating on the tongue. It also relieves a range of issues related to slow digestion including dyspepsia and heartburn with sour belching, sour vomiting and hiccups, plus a frequent need to urinate and painful yellow diarrhea, especially in the morning or following wet weather.

When wet weather affects the respiratory system, Nat sulph can be very helpful. Its colds have profuse yellow mucus, and a rattling thick ropy cough. Acute cases of humid wheezing can find support with Nat sulph as well, especially with professional guidance.

For pain and first aid, it offers unique support. Head injuries long past or new have benefited from its use for headaches and other pains that linger after the blow. It is particularly apt if emotional changes follow head injuries. For pains in general, its relief covers sick headaches, bursting headaches, sharp back pains, joint pain and sciatic nerve pain if its trademark aggravation from damp, cold weather persists.

Whether related to a old head injuries or weather or human nature, its mental/emotional applications include confusion, periodic sadness, and heightened sensitivity and suspicion.

Whenever symptoms are linked to wet weather or living in damp houses, rainy climates or near a water source, this remedy offers cleansing healing support. As it has no potential for harm and much for good, this remedy offers worry free, rainy day relief.

Solution: Natrum Sulphate
Strength: 6x
Format: Powder compacted into dissolvable pill
Method: Oral (O), Sublingually (S)
Quantity: 500 capsules
Suggested Use: Adults dissolve 2 capsules under the tongue before bed

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