The Aether has been peer reviewed and proven many times.

The shills and trolls paid to suppress the work of Tesla and the Aether will scream “Michealson Morley Experiments” like a religious chant to shut down dialogue but there were far more experiments done afterwards that proved the existence of the Aether, all of whom they willingly choose to ignore.

Dayton Miller was the scientific leader of the 20/30’s He lead the leading science journal of the time, Einstein lead the other.

Dayton Miller proved beyond a doubt that the Aether was real. He destroyed the relativists so badly and exposed their lies with such ferocity that they had to wait 14 years till after his death before they could bribe enough people to ignore his work.

William Cantrell has also done extensive work to show relativity for the web of lies that it is and champions the return to Aether Theory.

Here are some quotes by Einstein himself

“I believe that I have really found the relationship between gravitation and electricity, assuming that the Miller experiments are based on a fundamental error. Otherwise, the whole relativity theory collapses like a house of cards.”
— Albert Einstein, in a letter to Robert Millikan, June 1921 (in Clark 1971, p.328)

“You imagine that I look back on my life’s work with calm satisfaction. But from nearby it looks quite different. There is not a single concept of which I am convinced that it will stand firm, and I feel uncertain whether I am in general on the right track.”
— Albert Einstein, on his 70th birthday, in a letter to Maurice Solovine, 28 March 1949 (in B. Hoffman Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel 1972, p.328)

An excellent video presentation, point by point of why Einstein was COMPLETELY WRONG.